The BOND Vision

From the moment Bill Harlan acquired his first land in Napa Valley in 1979, he set out to explore the fullest potential of the land.

Having made wine from over 60 different vineyards through the years, a few parcels of land stood above the rest and over time a bond was forged with these select hillside estates.

It was the shared vision to create a small portfolio of wines ‘Grand Cru’ in quality, all under the umbrella of one philosophy, one team, and one mark and thus, BOND was born.

Through friendship, with relationships built on trust, BOND aims to faithfully reveal the character of the individual sites and to showcase the exceptional diversity of Napa Valley, through the expression of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Over the years, BOND has stayed the course and have introduced five distinct wines.


Location / size:  Melbury originates from a spectacular property on the slopes north of Lake Hennessey, in the hills east of Rutherford. At just under 7 acres it is the smallest of the BOND sites.

Name:  The name Melbury is in homage to an historic area in London, where the estate owners reside much of the year.

Topography / land description / Exposure: The particular exposition of this steep, rocky hillside vineyard is south/southeasterly, overlooking Lake Hennessey, allowing the vines to capture the morning sun yet moderating afternoon temperatures.  It is one of the first hillside vineyards in Napa Valley developed with vertical rather than horizontal row orientation.

Soil:  The soil is comprised of clay and humus (organic material that forms in soil when plant matter decays).  Hillside clay offers advantages of retaining moisture during dry vintages, while providing appropriate drainage during wet vintages.

Elevation: The Melbury vineyard is at an altitude of between 400 and 500 feet.


Location / size: Quella originates from a 9-acre site located in Spring Valley, in the eastern hills above the heart of the Napa Valley.

Name:  Quella is a derivation of the German word for a pristine source or an artesian aquifer.

Topography / land description / Exposure:  This site is steeply sloped facing southwest.

Soil:  The site is an ancient riverbed composed of cobble and rocks interwoven with pockets of tufa (volcanic ash) that were uplifted during the last volcanic activity in the area.

Elevation:  The altitude of the vineyard is between 433 and 595 feet.


Location / size:   St Eden is based upon an 11-acre rocky knoll that is part of a beautiful estate located just north of the Oakville Crossroad on the East side.

Name: Eden is an historical reference to this region’s designation on nineteenth century maps.

Topography / land description / Exposure: St. Eden is based upon an 11-acre rocky knoll with gentle north facing slopes that offer reprieve from afternoon heat. It is the least steep of the BOND vineyards.

Soil: The red rocky iron-rich volcanic soil of this north-facing site originates from high in the Vaca Mountains (it slid down from Pritchard Hill), and has deep fractures. The deep fractures of the rock and north facing aspect make it unique.

Elevation: St Eden is the lowest of the Bond sites at an elevation ranging from 145 to 188 feet.


Location / size: Vecina is situated directly southeast of the BOND winery in Oakville’s western foothills.  The 11-acre site is on the border between Oakville and Yountville.

Name: Vecina is coined from the Spanish word for neighbor.

Topography / land description / Exposure: The beautifully terraced volcanic soil slopes of Vecina faces due east and is the recipient of cool morning sun. Vecina benefits from the cool air at night that comes up from San Pablo bay, and also has long, warm afternoons.

Soil: The Vecina vineyard is comprised of volcanic bedrock overlain with fine-grained alluvial wash.

Elevation: The vineyard altitude ranges from 221 to 330 feet.


Location / size: Pluribus expresses the character of a 7-acre site located at an elevation over one thousand feet on the dramatic slopes of Spring Mountain, on the Western side of North Napa Valley.

Name: Pluribus refers to the Latin word for many and was chosen to signify the various facets involved in creating a fine wine: from the sun, soil, and climate of a vineyard, to the team of people who guide a wine through its evolution.

Topography / land description / Exposure: A breathtaking mountainous site with steep exposures to the north, east and southeast.

The vineyard is surrounded by a conifer forest, which often gives the wine a cedary quality and the vines are protected by afternoon shade.

Soil: The soil is comprised of red, iron-rich volcanic bedrock (very similar soil to St. Eden despite different location – a poignant example of how strong the role is of environment around the vines).

Elevation: Pluribus is highest of the five BOND sites at an elevation around 1000 feet.

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St. Eden
V , VF Cabernet Sauvignon
V , VF Cabernet Sauvignon
V , VF Cabernet Sauvignon
V , VF Cabernet Sauvignon
V , VF Cabernet Sauvignon
St. Eden V , VF Cabernet Sauvignon
Vecina V , VF Cabernet Sauvignon
Pluribus V , VF Cabernet Sauvignon
Quella V , VF Cabernet Sauvignon
Melbury V , VF Cabernet Sauvignon

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