Casa D’Ambra was founded over 130 years ago by Francesco, ‘Don Ciccio’, D’Ambra, at the end of the nineteenth century. In 1952 his three sons, Mario, Michele and Salvatore, took over the company which became D’Ambra Vini D’Ischia S.p.A. They built a new winery in Panza d’Ischia and, in 1984, Mario became the sole owner of D’Ambra Vini. He was passionate about local grape varieties and, in 1995, established an experimental vineyard, a sort of genetic bank for the recovery of disappearing varieties, planted in the Frassitelli estate. Mario was succeeded in 2000 by Andrea, Don Ciccio’s youngest grandson. Andrea and his daughters, Marina and Sara (an oenologist, like her father), are committed to maintaining and expanding the project to bring old varietals back to life.

They own four hectares of land in Frassitelli (700 m.a.s.l), one hectare in Montecorvo, and a further six in the best positions of the island. In addition, they have long standing and fully controlled contracts with many local wine growers, from whom they buy 5000 quintals of grapes each year. All the vineyards – and the wine-making – are completely supervised by Andrea D’Ambra.

We are delighted to have been given allocations of two local white varietals, Biancolella and Forastera. The grapes are all picked by hand and then vinified and fermented in stainless steel. Both wines are bright, fresh and very elegant; Forastera has a particularly attractive nose. And both are wonderfully drinkable! One glass and you’re on Ischia enjoying stunning views of the sparkling Mediterranean!

Sweet SparklingSweetFortifiedSpiritsBeer
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5cl 20cl 25cl 33cl 50cl 175cl
HalfBottle Magnum DoubleMagnum Jeroboam
Vegetarian VeganFriendly Organic Biodynamic
Ischia Biancolella DOC
Forastera Ischia Forastera DOC
Ischia Biancolella DOC Biancolella
Forastera Ischia Forastera DOC Forastera

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