Jean Michel grew up in Pupillin, where his parents and grandparents farmed the vines, selling their grapes to the local cooperative. After studying in Beaune and working with producers around the world, Jean Michel created Domaine de la Renardière in 1990 with his wife Laurence. They now have 7.5 hectares all within Arbois-Pupillin. He is both neighbours and friends with revered grower Pierre Overnoy and indeed some of his vineyards are a stone’s throw away. Pupillin is a village with immense respect for organic viticulture indeed, 2/3 of Jean Michel’s neighbours are organic.

Jean Michel has followed organic and biodynamic principles since 2010 and the Domaine became certified Organic in 2012.

Each parcel is vinified separately with indigenous yeast, minimal doses of SO2 are added usually just before bottling or sometimes not at all. We were given a magnificent tour of Jean Michel’s vines, linking each grape variety to its terroir and tasting each cuvee at its vineyard site.

The Ploussard comes from the red marl vineyards. The Trousseau comes from a very low yielding variety grown on clay-calcareous marl soils. For both reds, the grapes are hand harvested then vinified in stainless steel for 10-20 days, then aged in large oval shaped foudres for about a year. Arbois-Pupillin is renowned for producing Jura’s top reds and we can see why!

The Jurassique Chardonnay comes from pure limestone terroir. The wine is vinified in barrels (228L and 400L) and aged in a combination of old barrels and foudre.

The Les Terraces Savagnin Ouillé (topped up) comes from grey/blue marl terroir and is made in a non-oxidative style. The wine is aged for 12 months in barrel with no racking and beautifully expresses this delicious indigenous variety.

The Savagnin Sous-Voile (under a veil of yeast) also comes from grey/blue marl terroir and is lightly oxidative in style, classic to the region. The wine spends 48 months ageing in barrel which are not topped up. A thin layer of yeast appears known as voile similar to the flor of sherry. Once the voile has formed it protects the wine from further oxidation. This style of wine not only has oxidative nutty notes but also a wonderful elegance, freshness and purity.

The Vin Jaune is made in a similar method to the Savagnin Sous-Voile however it spends longer under the veil of yeast. The AOC laws state that no racking or handling can take place and the wine must spend a minimum of 6 years in barrel. The earliest release is allowed 7 years after the harvest and must be bottled in a classic 62cl clavelin bottle. Jean Michel says once opened Vin Jaune can be kept for at least 6 months, the distinctive nutty flavours would be perfect to pair with another speciality of the region: Comté and Coq au Vin Jaune!

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Also available in:
5cl 20cl 25cl 33cl 50cl 175cl
HalfBottle Magnum DoubleMagnum Jeroboam
Vegetarian VeganFriendly Organic Biodynamic
Ploussard (New)
Trousseau (New)
Jurassique Chardonnay (New)
Les Terraces Savagnin Ouillé (New)
Savagnin Sous-Voile (New)
Vin Jaune (62cl) (New)
Ploussard (New) OPloussard
Trousseau (New) OTrousseau
Jurassique Chardonnay (New) OChardonnay
Les Terraces Savagnin Ouillé (New) OSavagnin
Savagnin Sous-Voile (New) OSavagnin
Vin Jaune (62cl) (New)Savagnin

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