24th March 2022

Loire , New listing

Florian Zuliani was oenologue at Chateau de Bonnezeaux before starting his own project in 2020. The Domaine has just 1ha of Chenin Blanc located in the fantastic terroir of Bonnezeaux but as he chooses to create a dry white wine, rather than the classic sweet of the region, it has the lowly classification of Vin de France. His plot is situated adjacent to Chateau de Bonnezeaux.

His philosophy of the Domaine is to make wine from highest quality raw material, with minimum human intervention, without going so “laissez-faire” and losing control. The vines are goblet trained and farmed organically, he is experimenting with treatment of the vines with herbal teas.

Vinification takes place in a vertical manual press. The wine is fermented with native yeast in vats for about 1 month, with alcoholic and malolactic fermentation taking place in barrels, ranging from 250 to 500L. The wine is aged for one year on gross lees without intervention, no filtration, a little bit of sulphur is added just before bottling. The resulting wine has an electric acidity, and amazing spectrum of aromas. Florian suggests decanting the wine and letting it rest for a few hours before tasting.

We look forward to offering this exciting new wine this spring.

Due to the small scale production of Florian’s wine, the Chenin Calembours, stock is fairly limited. Please contact us at and we can check availability for you.