Padstow Gin – An exciting new addition!

10th April 2024


Jeremy has spent his holidays for over 30 years on Tregirls Farm overlooking the Camel Estuary in Cornwall, and this is where he met David McWilliam.

David founded Padstow Distilling in 2019. Padstow Distilling’s expression of terroir unusually includes the creation of their own grain-based neutral spirit (GNS) from Cornish barley grown a mile away from the distillery at Tregirls Farm. Botanicals are a mix of Juniper, citrus and pepper and local Alexanders foraged around Tregirls Farm.

“We’re very excited by this addition – the gin is outstanding and the fact they go through the arduous process of creating their own base spirit using barley from Tregirls Farm is superb. David’s pursuit of provenance and flavour perfectly fits with our other growers.” – Jeremy Hunt

“Thorman Hunt sell an extraordinary range of terroir-driven wines from around the world, so we already share many of the same values.” – David McWilliam

Padstow Distilling has quickly garnered global recognition, with the original Padstow Gin ‘St. George’s Well’ and Padstow Vodka earning a Silver Medal each, and Padstow Gin Navy ‘Stepper Point’ winning a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022. Padstow Rose Gin ‘Hawker’s Cove’ also secured a gold medal at the same competition. 

We will list the rest of  David’s range in the Autumn, Navy strength, Rose, Sloe Gin, Vodka. Distillation and bottling will now take place in a spanking new Distillery outside Padstow.