Introducing Ceritas Wines

20th September 2019


We are very happy to introduce a new grower to our Californian range, Ceritas led by husband and wife duo, John and Phoebe Raytek.

A few years ago, we were talking to the Head Sommelier at the iconic restaurant Zuni Café, in San Francisco. It was great to see so many of our French growers on their list, we started our evening with a glass of Veuve Fourny!

We discussed Californian producers along with the styles of wines we enjoy; the Head Sommelier strongly recommended tasting Ceritas, which would suit our more European palate.

We were completely blown away by a bottle of Hellenthal Vineyard Pinot and we were eager to explore their wines further.

This spring, we met with Phoebe at their winery in Healdsburg, where we tasted through their range.

Ceritas brings many analogies with Burgundy, whether it be the savouriness and salinity or the restrained perfumed fruit which is a signature of their stunning wines.